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Schrammel OJD

Plugin screenshot

The Schrammel OJD is heavily inspired by the schematics of a modern classic analog pedal. For best sounding results put this somewhere before your guitar amp (plugin) and before reverb, delay and modulation plugins, just as you would place a real pedal on your pedal board. Being creative and using it somewhere else in your chain is possible too but be prepared that this may cause a lot of sharp high frequencies. There are two basic sound characteristics you can select with the upper mid slide switch. The LP mode gives you a warmer tone with slightly less gain, the HP mode boost some higher frequencies, leading to a more aggressive distortion with some more gain. Features: Modeled by Janos Buttgereit

Control Default Min Max
Freewheel 0.00 0.00 1.00
Drive 0.17 0.00 1.00
Tone 0.50 0.00 1.00
Volume 0.83 0.00 1.00
HP / LP 0 0 1
Enabled 0.00 0.00 1.00
https://github.com/JanosGit/Schrammel_OJD v.1:8.9-6